About Us

Licensed, Bonded and insured

Some people call us Grass Farmers, some people call us Outdoor Pest Control, but for the last decade we’ve called ourselves “Weed Warriors.”

Jay Grisham – Owner

Jay earned a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy at Mississippi State University in 2006. While there, he worked at the golf course, as well as the football and baseball fields. Jay’s course work at Mississippi State University greatly favored general agricultural studies allowing him to specialize in classes such as horticulture, vegetable production, weed science, row crops, etc. His education and research has helped him to take Weed Warriors from a lawn-care-only provider to being a full service lawn, shrub, and tree care company. Jay is supported by his loving and caring wife along with five wonderful children, and they reside in Jackson.

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Jonathan Boles – Lawn Technician

Jonathan is a jack-of-all-trades who can do most anything he devotes his attention to. He is a realist, God-fearing, and a very determined worker. Jonathan and his wife reside in Brandon.

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Anthony Rainey – Lawn Technician

Anthony is the definition of professional! If you are able to enjoy just one conversation with Anthony, you will feel as if you have known him a lifetime. He greatly cares about precision and detail. Anthony, along with his wife and children, resides in Madison.

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Ryan Hodges – Lawn Technician

Ryan has a background in crop farming along with a wide range of work experience from the Mississippi delta. He is very kind, humble, and committed. The year 2021 gifts Ryan with the journey of being a newlywed. He and his wife reside in Flowood.

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Paul “Peck” Sullivan – Shrub Technician

Peck is the spirit of Weed Warriors. You will never find this man without a smile or an encouraging word. His passion and energy flow into every part of the Weed Warriors company. Peck is loyal, determined, hard working, and loves life. Peck, along with his wife, children, and grandchildren, reside in Pearl.

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Michael Crocker – Shrub & Tree Technician

Michael is the dedicated Weed Warrior for all Shrub & Tree pests and diseases. Michael is smart, witty, and determined. Michael is responsible for preventing the spread of the Crape Myrtle Bark Scale. If you have had or have a black Crape Myrtle tree(s) then he will be the one who saves the day. Michael resides in Florence.

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Jacob Pierce – Shrub & Tree Division Manager, Office Manager

Jacob manages the shrub and tree division of Weed Warriors. The Shrub division at Weed Warriors is established to help prevent insects and diseases from destroying all ornamental shrubs in the landscape. Jacob also manages the control of Crape Myrtle Bark Scale in the greater Jackson Metro area as well as treatment of web worms, pine beetles, and pests that seek shelter in trees. Last, Jacob manages the office at Weed Warriors so if you call, text, or email then he will respond as quickly as possible. Jacob and his wife reside in the reservoir Brandon area.

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