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We are Lawn and Shrub Specialists for weeds, insects, and diseases in the Jackson Metro Area. We started with 1 customer in 2009 and now happily serve over 1,000 customers

Our Services

Weed Warriors offers a plethora of services that encompass total lawn care. From weeds, lawns, shrubs, trees and insect treatments we are confident that will we have a quality service to fulfill your needs. If you would like more info on what each service looks like, please click below to view our full lineup of offerings.

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1. Why Are My Crape Myrtles Black?

  The Jackson Metro-Area has been infested with a new pest that is creating “black” crape myrtles. This pest can be found all around Jackson, Ridgeland, Madison, Clinton, Pearl, Flowood, and Brandon. If you would like to read more on “black” crape myrtles, click here!

2. When Or How Should I Irrigate My Lawn?

Unless we are in a severe drought, The grass ONLY needs watering during the warm/growing season (April through September) ESPECIALLY May through August! If you would like you read more on lawn irrigation, click here!

3. How Does The Billing Process Work?
  1. PREPAY: Prepay for all scheduled services before Feb.28th for a 5% discount off of all service charges
  2. AUTO- DRAFT: You can be set up to have your credit card automatically charged after each service that you receive.

If you are a Prepay customer then you can send your checks to the PO Box below. 

Send prepay checks to the address below:

Weed Warriors
PO Box 54266
Pearl MS 39288

WARNING: We’re not as fast at responding to emails, but you’re welcome to
send us your questions and/or concerns at:


Meet Our Team

Years of experience at your fingertips

Jay Grisham

Jay Grisham


Jay earned a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy at Mississippi State University in 2006. While there, he worked at the golf course, as well as the football and baseball fields. Jay’s course work at Mississippi State University greatly favored general agricultural studies allowing him to specialize in classes such as horticulture, vegetable production, weed science, row crops, etc. His education and research has helped him to take Weed Warriors from a lawn-care-only provider to being a full service lawn, shrub, and tree care company. Jay is supported by his loving and caring wife along with five wonderful children, and they reside in Jackson.

Jonathan Boles

Jonathan Boles


Jonathan is a jack-of-all-trades who can do most anything he devotes his attention to. He is a realist, God-fearing, and a very determined worker. Jonathan and his wife reside in Brandon.

Michael Crocker

Michael Crocker

Assistant Manager

Michael is the dedicated Weed Warrior for all Shrub & Tree pests and diseases. Michael is smart, witty, and determined. Michael is responsible for preventing the spread of the Crape Myrtle Bark Scale. If you have had or have a black Crape Myrtle tree(s) then he will be the one who saves the day. Michael resides in Florence.