Billing Info

All payments can be made easily via
our online portal
regular mail.

  1. PREPAY:  Prepay for all scheduled services before Feb.28th for a 5% discount off of all service charges
  2. AUTO- CHARGE:  call us to get set up to have your credit card automatically charged after each service that you receive.
  3. PER BILL – each time you receive a bill you can pay online or you can always send us a check by mail.

If you are a Per Bill customer then you will receive a bill during the first full week of the month following the month that you received a treatment/service from us.  

Send checks to
the address below:

Weed Warriors
PO Box 54266
Pearl MS 39288

We’re not as
fast at responding to
emails, but you’re
welcome to
send us your questions
and/or concerns at:

For example: we treated your lawn on January 4th, you will receive a doorhanger on Jan.4th showing your charges for that day, then we’ll get your bill sent out during the 1st week of February.  Your bill will be due before the end of February.  You are always welcomed to pay for your services as soon as you get a doorhanger.  You will not get a bill if your balance is zero.

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